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This page focuses on the Engineering aspects of the Netscape period.

Netscape's first Audio Server, and our entry into real time serving - streaming audio.
We built the server, the media player (plugin for Netscape & Microsoft browsers), the editor and even a Media Proxy server.  All the while encouraging partners to adopt this technology over Microsoft's and Real Networks.
Established a standard streaming protocol - RTSP, which was submitted to the IETF, in collaboration with our competitors - Microsoft, Real Networks and others.



The standard for streaming audio and video.


Provide the enterprise with simple and cost effective TV quality delivery of corporate communication and training.


Delivery or system on time, needed in order to fit within Netscape's corporate objectives.




Led the development of Alpha, Beta, V1.0 and V1.1 releases of the Media Server V1.0 (Server product),  Media Player V1.0, V1.1 and LiveAudio V1.1 (Client products).


Coordinated Engineering, QA, Documentation, Build and Content creation. The project had 10 development engineers, 3 QA engineers, 2 Content Engineers and 1 Documentation person under my management.


Media Server pages from Netscape's site in '96 (retrieved from and hosted here)
bulletMedia Server V1.0
bulletMedia Server Data Sheet
bulletMedia Server Demos (not functional)


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