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Abaco Systems, Inc. - 3D Translators, 1995 - 1996

Founder & President

Abaco is Spanish for Abacus - A mathematical tool. This aptly describes what we do, provide 3D tools.
Abaco Systems is the continuation of the original Acuris, Inc. Abaco Systems is the name the company took after it sold some of its assets to David Bader. One of the assets sold was the name "Acuris" and so the company changed its name to Abaco Systems.

Silicon Graphics, Inc. Abaco Systems developed the 3D file format translators being used by Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) to translate several 3D file formats into Inventor/VRML. Abaco licensed the translators to SGI for use within the SGI platforms. Abaco has also licensed the translators to Portable Graphics, Inc. for use within its Inventor 3D Development Toolkit.

I want to thank Rikk Carey, Dan Ambrosi and Ann LaGrone of SGI for their help in a successful development and launch of these translators. Karen Paik, Ilija Kovacevick, Bruce Edwards and Mark Lambert all worked on these translators, thanks for a work well done.

Abaco Systems has developed the following 3D Graphics File formats - They convert into and out-of Inventor 2.0 which is a superset of VRML 1.0 -

These are licensed to SGI and are also available directly from SGI (3D File Translators):

AliasToIv - Alias 6.0 files into Inventor - Convert Geometry - including NURBS, Hierarchy, Textures, Lights and Cameras



SoftimageToIv - Softimage 2.6 files into Inventor - Convert Geometry - including NURBS, Hierarchy, Textures, Lights and Cameras.






3dsToIv - Autodesk 3DStudio V4.0 files into Inventor - Convert Geometr, Hierarchy, Textures, Lights and Cameras.





IgesToIv - IGES files into Inventor - Convert Geometry - including NURBS, Polygons, Lines, Points. Textures, Lights and Cameras are not represented and not converted




ObjToIv - Wavefront OBJ into Inventor - Convert Polygonal Geometry, Groups and Textures






DxfToIv - Autodesk DXF into Inventor - Convert Lines, Arcs, Splines, Polygons and Layer information

bullet IvToRib - Inventor into RenderMan (RIB) - Convert Geometry, Hierarchy, Textures, Lights and Cameras.
  • These are available from Abaco Systems:
    bulletDwgToIv - Autodesk DWG to Inventor. Converts 2D and 3D Geometry, Layers are organized into Object Hierarchies
    bulletIvToDwg - Inventor To Autodesk DWG. Converts Most Inventor
    bullet Geometry into DWG entities


    IvTo3DS - Inventor to Autodesk 3DStudio. All polygonal geometry, Textures, lights and cameras.

    bulletIvToDXF - Inventor to Autodesk DXF. Converts Most Inventor Geometry into DXF entities, grouped by Layer.
    bullet IvToSoftimage - Inventor to Softimage. Currently converts only Polygonal geometry, textures, lights and cameras.
    bulletIvToRwx - Inventor to Renderware RWX format. Converts Polygonal geometry and textures.
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