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Paracomp was a leader in Macintosh 3D products with Swivel 3D and ModelShop, it was acquired by MacroMedia in 1990.
ModelShop focused on the Architectural market and was doing badly due to a serious deficiency - lack of 2D CAD drawing input.
Re-positioned the product to be a complement to the very successful ClarisCAD, by developing the 2D CAD import facility as well as doing the Claris - Paracomp deal.
Boldly used the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and the use of ModelShop to show how the city would benefit from a demolition of a damaged high rise highway, rather than a reconstructed highway.  San Francisco's Pacific Bell Baseball Park would not exist if this highway had not been demolished...



Corporate wise:  position Paracomp as the leader in 3D Graphics consumer products. Consolidate separate products and architectures into a common platform with separate UI's and features for each market.


Position ModelShop as a companion to any 2D CAD or Drawing product, rather than a 'concept modeler' (market size was 20 times larger).


Launch a 'guerrilla' marketing campaign, using PR, some advertising and a lot of direct mail.




bulletDeveloped, Presented and Received approval for New 3D Product Plans from Paracomp Board (which included Jim Clark, founder of SGI & Netscape)
bulletPositioned ModelShop as a 3D companion to 2D Leader ClarisCAD.  Executed on the Business and Marketing deals.
bulletDeveloped and Released V1.1 with needed 2D import.
bulletLaunched successful Direct Mail campaign based on Media Event (San Francisco Earthquake)
bulletLaunched a memorable Advertising campaign that attracted attention for the product.

Paracomp, 1989 - 90

Product Manager & Developer Manager of ModelShop

I took a weak product and positioned as a companion to the successful ClarisCAD. In order to do this we needed to import 2D files, so I programmed this feature and fixed several other bugs.

The Loma Prieta Earthquake rumbled through San Francisco and our building in 1989. The earthquake damaged several highways, including the Embarcadero Highway going over the South of Market area. The AIA proposed a renovated area which tore down the double decked highway and replaced it with open space. Clark Manus, of Heller & Manus, suggested the creation of the first 3D model of San Francisco. This provided a theme for a new Advertising campaign and used the new 2D import capabilities.

3D Model of San Francisco used for Mayor Agnos presentation on how to renovate the damaged Embarcadero Highway. We used 2D CAD data and photographs to create a rough 3D model in two days. The new 2D import capabilities proved a godsend here. A National Advertising Campaign was centered around this case study (see below).

San Francisco Mayor Agnos presenting the new Embarcadero Design. We received local TV coverage. The Mayor took the presentation to the Capitol and successfully lobbied for funds for the project. You can see the results of the project now, the whole South of Market area is one of the most dynamic growth regions in SF and the new baseball park would not have been built if the old highway was still going through it.


3D Model of SF You can see a similar 3D Model of San Francisco to the one used by SF Mayor Agnos. The original is no longer available, this model was originally built by Eric Lundquist of Heller and Manus, I adapted it for VRML using the Abaco translators and SGI's WebSpaceAuthor. This model is an early version of the full San Francisco Model that Heller and Manus uses for its presentations.

I developed this direct marketing brochure as well as the campaign. The key messages were (they follow the images top to bottom)

bulletSketch in 3D
bulletTurn 2D into 3D Designs
bulletPresent Impressive Designs

This presented the full positioning of ModelShop as an add-on to existing 2D tools being used by both Architects and Graphic Designers, which proved to be successful.




Brash headline for Ad campaign, designed to catch the reader's attention. It was the first of a series of Case Studies on the successes of ModelShop.

The Ad goes through the basic steps in creating the 3D model. Here I go through the basic steps of taking both 2D data and photographs to create a 3D model for presentation. The Steps are:

bulletImport 2D
bulletSketch in 3D
bulletPresent Solution
Copyright, 2001 - Eduardo F. Llach
ModelShop, Swivel3D and Paracomp are Trademarks of MacroMedia

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