NetDream - VRML Tools, 1995 - 1996

NetDream was co-founded by Eduardo Llach and John Marshall, who is continuing with the company. The partnership started in August 1995 and culminated with almost selling the company to Visual Software. The sale fell through due to Visual's pooling or resources with Micrografx. NetDream may or may not become part of the larger company. In light of John's need to move to LA and Eduardo's need to remain in the San Francisco Bay area, the partnership has officially ended. Both Eduardo and John are looking for partners, either together or individually, with whom to grow the technology and expertise developed in NetDream.

NetDream developed one of the fastest and most compliant VRML 1.0 browsers - VR Shuttle. It is currently in the process of being licensed to Visual Software as the Visual Flyer. You can download it from their site.

NetDream was also instrumental in developing the technology and expertise to create Visual's 3DPlanet. The worlds were created in Visual's Portland office by Jerry Northern's team. You can fly through the 3DPlanet with either the Visual Flyer, VR Shuttle or your own VRML browser.


John and Eduardo are looking for a partner to join forces. We bring the assets of Abaco and the assets of NetDream to the partnership.


Copyright, 2001 - Eduardo F. Llach
Visual Software, Visual Flyer and 3DPlanet are trademarks/copyrights of Visual Software



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