San Francisco 3D Model

(Similar to one used for Embarcadero Presentation)

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SFEmbarcadero.wrl.gz - 43 KB. 4,799 Polygons (this is a GZIP VRML file, ensure your VRML browser can handle it.)

SFEmbarcadero.wrl - 204 KB. 4,799 Polygons (this is a NOT a GZIP VRML file, it will take longer to transmit over the network, use it if your VRML browser does not handle GZIP files.)

Imagine if this technology was available in 1989. The Mayor of SF would have been able to put it on a Web Page and have anyone in the are take a look at the new proposed Embarcadero Project Design. See Paracomp for more details

A model similar to this one was done by Eduardo F. and Clark Manus of Heller and Manus in SF. This model is originally built by Eric Lundquist of Heller and Manus, Eduardo F. has adapted it for VRML using the Abaco translators and SGI's WebSpaceAuthor. This model is an early version of the full San Francisco Model that Heller and Manus uses for its presentations.

A more detailed version of this 3D San Francisco is available from Acuris AcuModels. You can learn about how Eduardo F. started and sold Acuris or you can check out the Acuris page at , to get more information on CD-1 and download demo 3D models !

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Copyright, 1996 - Eduardo F. Llach

San Francisco Model for Embarcadero Copyright, 1989. Heller & Leake.