Eduardo F. Llach

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Engineering Executive



Executive Engineering position focused on adding profitable revenue products and services to the company while leveraging my complementary product marketing and business development experience.

Overview of Accomplishments: 

·         12 products / services launched, 6 from original concept to launch and revenue producing.

·         Conceived, funded and developed original Specifications and Architecture for Cuíca’s service – brought in VP of Engineering, Dir. of QA, and Engineering team to develop the product on time and within budget.  Successfully launched the service.  Product / service used by leaders in Online Advertising.

·         Successfully developed, tested and launched the first Netscape Media Server (Audio & Video), competing with RealNetworks and Microsoft.   Managed Engineering, QA, Release, IT, Web design and development teams.

·         Led Advanced development team for CIMCAD3D – first integrated 3D CAD product – first to use Object Oriented methods.  First to have fully programmable interface.

·         Led international team of developers developing 12 translators for 3D files / VRML.  Software included with all SGI computers.





CUÍCA CORP.               CEO               12 / 99 to Present  &


Providing the most effective way to buy and sell highly targeted digital advertising, Cuíca, is an end-to-end service for both advertisers and publishers.

Founded company, developed concept, and raised $2.8 MM from leaders in the online advertising and
E-Commerce market.  Raised $1.6 MM from individual investors including CEO’s, CTO’s and VP’s from AOL, SUN, Inktomi, AdForce, Procter & Gamble, WR Hambrecht, GM Media, Salomon Smith Barney, and AdAuction.
$1.2 MM was raised from our lead VC, Aragon Ventures.  


Conceived the original concept. Developed Specifications and Architecture for the service.  Directed original UI design by IDEO.  Launched Alpha, Beta, V1.0 and V2.0 of service.  Brought in veterans for VP of Engineering and Dir. of QA.  Worked w/ VP of Engineering to build and lead an international team of developers.  Worked with partners to integrate services and technology using XML, Java and Oracle frameworks.   Developed a fully scalable system, with API’s that allowed us to integrate with partners at several levels, unique in the industry.


Served over 330 MM paid ads per month and booked $180K in its fourth month of operation, the fastest growth of any online advertising company. Anticipated break-even 3 months, however, operation was put on hibernation due to a non-paying partner and the current slowdown in funding.


NETSCAPE                Engineering Manager, Media Server               5 / 96 to 3 / 98


Responsible for the development, Alpha, Beta, V1.0 and V1.1 releases of the Media Server V1.0 (Server product),  Media Player V1.0, V1.1 and LiveAudio V1.1 (Client products).


Delivered Audio Streaming Server Projects on time. Coordinated Engineering, QA, Documentation, Build and Content creation. The project had 10 development engineers, 3 QA engineers, 2 Content Engineers and 1 Documentation person under my management, doing several sub-projects:

·         Media Server (both Unix and NT), Media Player (All platforms), Media Converter (Win95),  New Audio enabled content demos created under my management.

·         We developed and released the product on schedule, a first for the Server division.

·         Managed the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) draft submission to the IETF, had to work w/ Microsoft and Real Networks (competitors to Netscape).


ABACO SYSTEMS, Inc.               CEO and Founder               95  to  5 / 96


Established Abaco as the leader in the development of 3D Graphics File Format translation on the SGI for Inventor and VRML. Led international team of developers. Released 12 3D Graphics translators which were bundled with all SGI computers.

ACURIS, Inc.               CEO and Founder               ’90 to ‘95


Led company to the number two position in the 3D Graphics content market, even though we had less than a 10th of the capital of number one.   Developed 3D digitizing software using both laser and point digitizing systems – SGI and DEC OS. Developed innovative and Interactive CD User Interface to deliver 3D models on Windows, Macintosh, SGI, SUN and other systems. Customers included SGI, SUN, IBM, Sony, Disney, and Hewlett Packard. 


Sold the company in '95 to private investor.

CIMLINC, Inc.               Project Manager and co-Developer of CIMCAD3D    85  to  ‘89


Responsible for leading the project development through its MRD, PRD, Specification, UI Design and actual development.  CIMCAD3D used an innovative 2D -> 3D user interface that simplified 3D modeling.

CIMCAD3D was CIMLINC's first 3D program.   It seamlessly provided wireframe, surfaces and solid modeling at a time when most systems forced you to move from one program to another.

CIMCAD3D allowed CIMLINC to win key accounts such as Boeing, and several automotive company vendors.


KODAK   Development Engineer    '81 - '85 

Developed Assembly Modeling module for Intergraph CAD system.  System Support for Designers of Kodak Disk camera.  Evaluated CAD Systems that resulted in Kodak’s company wide CAD system selection.

Full Career details at - this resume is focused on the Product Marketing background and accomplishments.




BS ME: Cornell University, 1981 - Emphasis in CAD & CAE.   Dean's List last 3 semesters.

Co-op Engineer at GM - Buick.  Senior Computer Aided Engr. Thesis on Auto Suspension Analysis.
(MS EE) in CAD/CAM: University of Rochester, 1985 - All classes and thesis completed.

Developed Graphics subsystems and Boolean computational geometry algorithms for coursework.



Fluent in Spanish.       Masters Swimmer and Triathlete.      Photography.